About My Health Account

My Health Account is a digital identity service that helps prove who you are so you can access your health information and health services online.

What is My Health Account

My Health Account is Health New Zealand | Te Whatu Ora's digital health identity service.

It helps digital health services such as 'Book My Vaccine' accurately identify you using your 'digital identity'. Digital identity is how you prove who you are online — safely, securely and easily.

This lets you connect to your health information or services online from anywhere in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Benefits of My Health Account

By having a digital health identity, health service providers can be confident that you are who you claim to be.

It provides a single account and password that you can use to securely access multiple services online. It allows you to keep control of your data and lets you choose when and with whom your information is shared.

Privacy statement Health New Zealand (external link)

Accessing tamariki information

Some parents or guardians over 16 years of age can also have access to some of their child’s important health information by adding a child or children to their My Health Account.

You can find out more about how we collect, store, and share your information.

Who can get an account

My Health Account is available to all people in Aotearoa New Zealand aged 16 years and over.

If you are aged 16 or over and have accessed health or disability services in New Zealand, you can sign up for your own My Health Account.

Log in to My Health Account (external link)

If you do not want an account

If you do not want to create a My Health Account, there are several ways you can still access your health information. We recommend you contact your GP or specialist healthcare provider.

How to create an account

You can sign up for a My Health Account and prove who you are online using:

  • your details that are held by your GP or medical centre — a 'healthcare provider check'
  • 1 of several New Zealand and Australian identity documents
  • using RealMe and RealMe Verified.

To create an account go to the My Health Account website and follow the on-screen instructions. You can use any type of device with an internet connection — computer, phone or tablet.

My Health Account (external link)

If your name contains letters with accents or macrons, type in the letter only, without the accent or macron. Our document-checking service does not recognise letters with accents or macrons.

Using the identity document check

Before you start, you will need to provide details from 1 of the following documents so we can confirm your identity:

  • New Zealand driver licence
  • New Zealand passport
  • New Zealand birth certificate
  • New Zealand citizenship certificate
  • Kiwi Access Card
  • Australian passport
  • Australian birth certificate.

Using the healthcare provider check

You can sign up and prove who you are online using the healthcare provider check if you are enrolled with a New Zealand general practice (GP) or medical centre. Before you start, you will need:

  • the residential address you have registered with your healthcare provider
  • your mobile phone — your number needs to match the number registered with your healthcare provider. You will be sent a text message with a code to confirm your My Health Account.

Using RealMe® and RealMe Verified

RealMe is a New Zealand government service. RealMe is a New Zealand government service that can be used to help create a My Health Account profile.

If you do not already have a RealMe account, visit the RealMe website to apply. If you want to use RealMe to sign up for My Health Account, it is best to sign up for RealMe first.

RealMe (external link)

RealMe Verified

You can use a RealMe Verified account to create a My Health Account at the strongest level because your identity has already been verified. Once you have signed up using RealMe Verified, you can use it to log in each time you access My Health Account. RealMe Verified is valid for ten years before you need to renew.

RealMe Verified (external link)


If you are have any questions about My Health Account:

  • Call: 0800 222 478 or +64 9 307 6155 during standard office hours, 8 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday, and 9 am to 2 pm on weekends.
  • Email: support@identity.health.nz. Include your phone or computer's make and model, the operating system you are running and, a brief description of what you need help with.