Find the right healthcare for you and your whānau

There are many ways you can get the right care and advice for you and your whānau when you feel unwell, have an injury or a health concern. Call 111 or go to your nearest emergency department immediately if you or someone else has a medical emergency.

Call Healthline for free advice

Healthline provides a 24 hour, 7 days a week, free over-the-phone health service you can call for trusted health advice, information and treatment from professional healthcare providers.

Find a provider on Healthpoint

The Healthpoint website provides up to date information about healthcare providers in your area. Find the services you need, where you need them.

Self care at home

With the right information and first aid supplies, many common health issues including coughs and colds, minor cuts and grazes, minor bruises and minor sprains can be managed at home without seeking medical help.


Get advice on medicines and common issues like coughs and colds, bladder or eye infections, minor cuts and grazes, emergency birth control. They can suggest over-the-counter treatment, fill prescriptions, and some give immunisations.

General practice

If you are enrolled with a general practice, their doctors, nurses and other team members can look after most of your healthcare. They review your symptoms, treat illness or injuries, prescribe medicines, and order tests or procedures.

After hours and urgent medical centres

Go to a clinic that offers urgent care if you cannot wait for your doctor, or do not have one, for bad cuts, sprains or breaks, minor head injury, or feeling really sick. You do not need an appointment but might have to wait.

Emergency Department (ED) and ambulance

In any critical or life-threatening emergency call 111 or go to your nearest hospital ED. This is for chest pain, issues breathing or staying conscious, high fevers and distress, bleeding, broken bones, bad burns, or mental health emergencies.