Sexual health clinics

Sexual health clinics provide confidential advice and check-ups for people of all ages, cultures, gender and sexual orientation.

What sexual health clinics do

All sexual health clinics can offer:

  • safer sex information
  • testing and treatment of sexually transmitted infections
  • emergency contraception and condoms
  • HIV advice, including prevention medication (PEP and PrEP). 

Other services they offer may include:

  • contraception advice
  • help with sexuality and gender identity issues, including gender-affirming care
  • pregnancy and testing advice
  • advice and support for sexual harm
  • assistance with genital skin problems
  • HPV immunisation. 

Why visit a sexual health clinic

Visit a sexual health clinic to get information and advice, or a check-up.

Regular check-ups help keep you in good sexual health and identify any concerns early.

Not all sexually transmitted infections have symptoms. You should get a check-up 2 weeks after unprotected sex or if you have had a change in partner.

You should visit a sexual health clinic if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • a discharge from your penis or vagina
  • pain passing urine
  • pain in your lower stomach, genitals or when you have sex
  • genital sores, ulcers, rashes, lumps or swelling
  • anal symptoms relating to sex, such as discharge or irritation.

What you will pay

While most sexual health clinics provide free services, some will charge a fee. 

Check with the sexual health clinic you choose to use to find out if they charge.

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Find a sexual health clinic

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