Nelson Marlborough hospitals

Information about hospitals in Marlborough, Nelson and Tasman, such as address and contact details, services, and patient and visitor information.

Alexandra Hospital

Alexandra Hospital caters to people with conditions related to dementia and mental health decline who require a short stay in inpatient care. After an assessment, they are referred to aged residential care or a support service.

Referrals are required by Nelson Marlborough mental health specialists.

Murchison Health Centre

Murchison Aged Residential Care Hospital & Health Centre offers:

  • a general practitioner/nurse practitioner clinic
  • a six-bed aged residential care facility
  • after hours and urgent medical care
  • specialised staff to respond to accidents and emergencies.

Nelson Hospital

Nelson Hospital provides approximately 140 beds for Nelson and Tasman patients.

Wairau Hospital

Wairau Hospital provides approximately 65 beds for Marlborough patients. It also refers Marlborough patients to Nelson Hospital for specialised services.

Other Nelson Marlborough healthcare providers

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