Your baby's poos

You may find yourself wondering about your baby’s poos and what is normal. Your baby’s poo is a good health indicator and there are things you can look out for to make sure it is normal.

Breastfed babies’ poos

Breastfed babies poo at least once a day until around 4 weeks of age.

After this time some babies do poos at every feed, others only every 7 to 10 days. It is normal for babies to suddenly change their pattern.

Breastfed babies’ poos are often runny with small lumps.

Formula-fed babies’

Formula-fed babies usually poo every day, or every second day. They tend to have firmer poos.

Check you are making up the formula with the correct amount of water for the amount of powder you are using.

Not enough water makes the formula too strong and can cause constipation.

Colour of baby poos

The colour of poo can vary from yellow to green to brown.

Green poos are common in pēpi (babies) who are well. However, sometimes the green colour may be caused by a feeding problem or illness. If you are worried, talk to your lead maternity carer, Well Child nurse or healthcare provider.

If your baby’s poos are white or cream coloured, talk to your healthcare provider.

Constipation in babies

A baby’s poos should be soft. When your pēpi is constipated, their poos are hard and difficult to pass. If you’re worried your baby is constipated, visit the KidsHealth website for more information.

Constipation — KidsHealth (external link)

Wash your hands after changing nappies

Always wash your hands after changing your baby’s nappies to prevent infection.

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