Private hospitals

Private hospitals are run by non-government organisations. They provide the facilities for planned, non-urgent services, for example scans or surgeries. You, ACC, or your insurance company cover the cost or private care.

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Private hospital services

Private hospitals in Aotearoa New Zealand provide the facilities for healthcare providers in private practice to offer specialist and surgical health services.

Non-urgent or 'elective' care in a private hospital is usually organised through referral by your regular healthcare provider.

Difference between private and public hospitals

Whether you get public or private healthcare is your choice. Private hospitals are different than public hospitals. They:

  • do not have emergency departments
  • may have shorter wait times
  • can offer specialist services that might be difficult to access through public healthcare
  • let you choose which specialist you see and when
  • set their own cost that you must pay.

Cost of visiting a private hospital

Unlike public hospitals that usually offer free healthcare, private hospitals charge a full fee that you need to pay for. If you have health insurance this may be something they cover.

Private health insurance

Private health insurance companies may cover the cost of private healthcare for their customers. This comes at a weekly or monthly cost, like car or house insurance. There are a number of different companies with a range of different policies you can pay for.

You can decide how much cover you want and the types of services you want to be covered for.

To be able to buy most private health insurance schemes in Aotearoa New Zealand you must be eligible for publicly funded healthcare.

There are two main types of policies:

  • ‘comprehensive cover’ policies that cover you for all your medical costs, including GP visits and prescriptions
  • policies that provide cover for combinations of specialist care and non-urgent (elective) surgery.

Private care for injuries

Most accidents and injuries are treated as part of the public healthcare system. However, if you are referred to a private healthcare provider for an injury, your costs may be fully or partly covered by ACC.

The private healthcare provider sets the cost of the service, ACC may cover some of the cost. If you are a student or have a Community Services Card this can also lower the cost.

You or your insurance company need to pay the rest of the cost.

Always ask your healthcare provider before your appointment to find out if there will be a cost.

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Deciding which care you need

Your healthcare provider can help you understand the healthcare system. They can let you know the different private or public healthcare services you can access and explain your options based on your health needs.

They can also help you understand wait times based on your illness or injury.

If you are worried, or not sure what type of healthcare you need, call Healthline for free advice.

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